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Pro Poker Tips To Earn Money Easily

Pro Poker Tips To Earn Money Easily

If you’ve made a continuation bet and they call you and then check the turn, you’re communicating weakness. What story are you telling about your hand if you give up on the turn? Basically you missed the flop, you made a continuation bet and now you expect your opponent to just call your raise. Since continuation bets are so common these days, many players will call your flop bet just to assess how you play casino singapore online turn. But what hand were you representing on the flop? If you really had that hand, would you have checked the turn? To tell a compelling story about your hand, you should also bet on the turn.

Let’s say you bet on a relatively dry flop (J63, no draws) and an ace appears on the turn. This is a perfect occasion to fire the second cannon. Your opponent may have called the flop with a middle starting pair just to evaluate your turn and put your hand on AK or AQ. Now that the ace arrives, there are too many hands you could have that beat him, so it will be very difficult for him to continue.

Assuming you can read your opponent’s weaknesses, you should be able to do this with a bet size of ½ – 2/3 of the pot. Do not be afraid! A big sign of weakness is a bet on the turn that is the same size as the flop. If the pot was at 2000 on the flop and you bet 1200, after your opponent sees it the pot will be at 4400. If you now bet 1200 again, not only will your bet not be consistent with the story you are telling but you give it. give your opponent good odds to see the river. Since your objective is to get your opponent to fold, a larger bet will help you better to do so.

Using Position To Represent Force

There are many ways to use table position to represent force. An early position pre-flop is much more credible than a bet in late position and as poker has evolved, late raises have much more respect than before. This means that depending on the tendencies of the players you have on your left, you may have to adjust the position from which you draw. With that being said, you can also use position to adjust your online gambling singapore game and represent strength against aggressive players.

Pre-Flop Raise

One way to do this is to simply reraise before the flop when in position. Doing it from the button or cut-off position shows much more force than a standard re-raise from the blinds. If you are called pre-flop, you may be checked on the flop and you can hit the pot with a continuation bet.

Continuation Raise

Another situation where you can use position to represent post flop strength is when you are to the left of a player who usually raises late and makes continuation bets 100% of the time. While one option is to re-raise preflop, sometimes it is better to call preflop to control the size of the pot and act on the flop. By seeing his raise, you automatically announce that you have a hand, most likely medium strength as you have not reraised pre-flop. Since your opponent continuation bets 100% of the time and will miss the flop 2/3 of the time, you can often win the pot with a 2.5x – 3.5x raise. In a distributed table you represent a higher pair and in one with cards up at least a higher pair.

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