August 4, 2011

Organizing Your Baubles, Bangles and Beads

Tangled necklaces, earrings minus their mates, rings that have gone missing - these are just some of the many frustrations that face woman when their baubles, bangles and beads aren’t well organized. And if you’ve ever been late because you spent fifteen minutes looking for your favorite piece of jewelry - and who hasn’t! - then you really understand the problem.

Jewelry organization is a unique process since no two people have the same styles and quantities of items and organizational preferences differ, but, in general, you can save yourself time and energy and eliminate the need for lengthy searches by planning your organization so that the pieces you wear most frequently are the easiest to access. Organize your jewelry by category (rings, necklaces, earrings, etc.), color, occasion (casual, business, formal) or any way that makes it easy for you to locate what you have and allows you to chose what will work best for an outfit or occasion.

The first step in organizing your jewelry is to go through it and eliminate the clutter of broken or orphaned items and items that you don’t like or wear any longer. The next step is deciding where you will keep your jewelry. Location is one of the crucial pieces of the organizing puzzle because it determines ease of use and what kinds of storage containers you’ll need or want. Depending on the size of your collection, you may need to keep jewelry in multiple locations. I would advise against having too many locations or locations that aren’t near each other, however, because it makes it harder to keep track of what you have, which can easily start you down the slippery slope to disorganization.

If the top of your dresser is your preferred location, you’ll probably want attractive not just functional storage options. Before buying a jewelry box, carefully consider your needs. Unfortunately, the average jewelry box is often only adequate for small collections and often too small to properly store necklaces, so make sure that any jewelry box you select can comfortably hold your jewelry. Or buy two, if necessary. If you plan to keep your jewelry in shallow dresser drawers, inexpensive items like drawer dividers and sectioned jewelry trays are good choices. If you have good lighting and an easily accessible shelf, you can also keep jewelry inside your clothes closet. If you’ve got a lot of necklaces and some available wall space either inside or outside of your closet, consider putting up decorative hooks or a belt rack and hanging your necklaces on them. This will free up space in your jewelry boxes or drawers so you have more room for the rest of your collection.

There are many storage options available to help you keep your jewelry organized: revolving earring stands, jewelry rolls, stacking ring organizers, velvet lined trays, hooks, belt racks, jewelry trees, divided containers, pivot top organizers, baskets, cork boards & T-pins, towel bars, clear shoe bags, tackle boxes, pill boxes, muffin tins, ice cube trays, etc. The list is virtually endless. They run the gamut from simple, stylish, elegant and expensive to decorative, fun, cheap and quirky so let your imagination run wild! Because there are so many available products and individual tastes vary so widely, rather than giving you specific recommendations, I would suggest that you search online or visit The Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond or other local stores and local flea markets, thrift shops and hardware stores to see what they have and to get inspired. Have fun with it!

Another good reason to organize your jewelry is to safeguard expensive pieces and those with sentimental value. Regardless of how you organize them, these types of items should NOT be stored with the rest of your jewelry where they would be easily accessible nor should they be left out where they can be damaged or lost, possibly forever. Whenever you remove these types of jewelry, make it a habit to store them safely in your jewelry organizer of choice immediately.

Keeping/hiding your valuable jewelry in the master bedroom just makes a thief’s job easier since this is exactly what he is expecting you to do. Jewelry boxes, dresser, night table and underwear drawers and closets are the first areas that a robber will target. Consider buying trick jewelry boxes that are designed to look like books or ordinary household items or store your valuable pieces in a high-end jewelry safe. In the event that your home is violated, a file of appraisals and receipts for your expensive items will be invaluable when making an insurance claim. If you’ve got extremely valuable jewelry, however, a safe deposit box in the bank is probably your best bet. Expensive jewelry, like diamonds, should be cleaned by a professional and checked regularly to make sure that all settings are still tight.

Put a ring bowl in the kitchen and bathroom(s) for those times where you need to take off your jewelry temporarily to wash the dishes or clean. For other times during the day that you might have to temporarily remove your jewelry, carry a velvet pouch in your handbag.

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